Friday, 29 July 2011

 These are Lilium 'Big Brother',it is there second year and the first bloom came out for me on the second day of our village flower festival.I had lots of comments about the size of them,you can see from the fence panel how tall they are and the actual flower size is pretty impressive along with the scent.A friend also bought them and she informed me we were having a bit of a competition to see whose would grow the tallest.I planted mine as a group but she planted hers individually.talking to a lily breeder at the Malvern show she was adviced to feed with tomorite!!! being a really good friend she felt she could not keep this information to herself so I must also confess to using tomorite,on a very adhoc basis though as it tends to live at the top of the garden in the greenhouse.As I said its first bloom came out 10th July and is still going now,it is in a pot  which I move up behind the greenhouses when they have finished for the season.
This is Lilium 'Scheherazade'(orientalxtrumpet) and I just love the color of the stamens as they first come out with the line down them,it does gradually fade,again this is its second season not quite as tall as big brother but still as impressive in its own way.
The poor plum tree 'Victoria' is really struggling this year and another branch has fallen off due to too much fruit.We have taken lots off which is really a is probably about 10 yrs old now,hubby picked some of the first fruit last night along with his first conference pear!We have more toms,courgettes,cucumbers,
radish and beans we know what to do with but absolutley love this time of the year.

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