Thursday, 21 July 2011

Last of the blackcurrants

I picked the last blackcurrants last night and made a lovely coulis with mint in,its divine.
To 8 oz of fruit I add 1tblsp water and 12 mint leaves
Put over a med/low heat and simmer until the fruit explodes
Put through a sieve and add sugar to taste
I had some last night with some melon then have made a smoothie for lunch,with banana ,yoghurt and satsuma it was a really lovely colour.
The blackbirds flew from there next yesterday,the fourth brood we have had in the garden,I went up to collect eggs from the hens and the dog spied one of the chicks sat at the bottom of the yew hedge.I told him leave as being a springer they are intent on bringing birds back to you! the chick had been taught well as he stayed motionless the whole time he was there.I left a few blackcurrants on the bushes for them as they had made it to the top of the garden by the evening.
I sowed some more carrots yesterday and thinned the parsnips out,I also cut the mangetout back so I will get some more pickings later.The salad leaves have gone to seed this year very quickly,the fisrt lot of leaves I had sown I expect to by now but not the second lot.Have sown some more in the hope it wont be too warm-cucumbers-Wautoma has loads of cucumbers on,lucky I have neighbours who enjoy them as well.
This Aeonium Arboreum 'Zwartop' I have planted it in the front garden where the papaver 'Pattys plum' was cut back.with opening the garden for our Walkabout I could not leave a big gap so sunk these in the ground and planted scarlett wallflowers through the.To the right is Nepeta 'Amelia' everyone was commenting about them 

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