Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Well the honeycombe is now just crumbs left in the bottom of a tub!-why do they always leave the empty tub and not put it to be washed?Some has made its way to DofE expedition,well it left the house so am presuming it made its way there.
I am aware since starting my blog all I have done is talk about food,so thought I had better change that.Well almost,we had our first parsnips and ruby chard along with our purple carrots-a friend gave me some seed,they were from Sarah Raven-they actually keep there purple colour even after cooking,they are not as sweet as some carrots but have a different-nice taste.The parsnips were lovely,by the end of the season they are sooooo long as we grow them in raised beds but for now they are only 7-8inches long and so sweet.
I also made some hot gooseberry chutney,brain was not fully engaged!I had just lifted the red onoins(red baron) so now have a pink gooseberry chutney! we will have to see in a few weeks when it has chance to mature what it tastes like.Am sure it will be fine-just pink.I have not lifted the white onions yet as the tops had not yellowed off.
It has been a very strange day weather wise,it started so grey and wet that I had to cut some flowers to bring into the house-it is a shame technology is not that advanced that the computor could omit smells,the sweet peas are seed I save every year and resow,the Buddleja is 'Nano' and the Phlox paniculata 'David' I am no flower arranger but just had to have the smell inside as well as out,as I picked them there was some lavender wafting round my feet so I picked that also just to fill in around the edges.I am no photographer either and No.2 son would give me a lecture on how I should have taken the photo but me and my cibersshot are quite happy with the result..
It was so warm and muggy this afternoon but the sky still full with grey cloud I took my waterproof to walk the dog-well this is England,it did end up tied round my waist as it was so warm.The Sweet chestnut has flowers just starting to come out and the tinyest chestnuts just starting to form,there is also a second smaller flush of red poppies along the edge of the newly planted asparagus fields.The skylark - only one brave enough to leave its nest today was competeing with a Whitethroat singing away on the top of the hedge.

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