Tuesday, 9 August 2011

summer madness

These are a very few of the very many tomatoes I am picking now,I save all my own seed and from the top they are Purple Ukraine,(originally from The Real Seed catologue-very large and makes great sauce)Legend,(we eat loads of these with mozzarella oil and basil)Crystal Plum(Heritage seed-not so big this year for some reason) and if my memory is working Garden Pearl(Gardening Which trial,very sweet different taste to cherry tomatoes,I grow 4-5 in a hanging basket and eat them like sweets-they are right by the back door!). I have also grown a range of different basil this year,we use basil all year round so I always have a pot on the go but wanted to try something different
Sweet basil-I grow all year round
Greek basil-has a mint after taste to it,really like this one
Purple ruffles-aniseed flavour-my favourite,my only criticismis that its growth is a bit lax
Green ruffles-bitter and my least favourite,much better growth though than purple ruffles
Lime-does as it says very refreshing
Spice-very spicy actually has hairy leaves and looks more like mint
We have had great fun trying them with different foods,some I will let go to seed to save some but I dont think I will bother with green ruffles again
This is Abutilon x Milleri,I took it from a cutting from a plant in Bob Browns garden(Cotswold garden Flowers
He lives in the same village as me and has some fantastic flowers in the garden behind his barn,he had it grown up a wall but I kept mine in a pot last year not able to decide where to put it.I am glad I did as Bob lost his I had taken a couple of cuttings so was able to return him a cutting and gave my other one away to a really good gardening friend.Its growth does seem to be a bit lax in that it breaks on very windy days so I have taken some more cuttings and absolutley love the flowers.This is my favourite shrub,Cercis Canadensis
(Forest Pansy)I love the pea like flowers which come out first then the colour of the leaves which this year are absolutley enourmous!! I had to measure 15cm,it is in a border which has a soak away coming off the shed into it but like everyone else it has not seen much rain this year,I took this photo the other morning when we had just had a shower and the rain was glistening on the leaves like little jewels.
Also like everyone else what to do with the enormous plum harvest other than jam and chutney,so I am going to try and do as many different Plum Recipes as possible.The first one was last night and was Plum Crumble.I can hear you now, that's not different, but it had a very tasty twist.
1lb Plums
4tbsp Dark brown Sugar
2tsp cinnamon
1tbsp water
I put everything into a pan and heated until the plums were soft,I then strained the juice(lovely in my smoothie today)I then stirred in 3tbsp ground almonds
I put everything into a dish and covered with a crumble mixture
5oz flour
3oz sugar
3oz oats
3oz butter
3oz flaked almonds
a few almonds on top for decoration
There certainly was not much left.


  1. Hello Flowerlady, How are your chickens ?

  2. Thanks for passing by GeordieLass,I still have a naughty chicken but I think we are slowly getting there.Flowerlady

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a really useful comment.

    Yes we too have loads of plums - we tend to have one year lots and the next year the trees have a little rest and just has a few fruits. We have three plums so it would be really good if they took it in turns rather than all have a good year together!

  4. You're growing some interesting tomatoes. I usually try something different each year, but I was really pleased with the varieties I grew last year so I've grown them again this year, Tangella, San Marzano and Gardener's Delight.