Saturday, 22 October 2011

Another passion

Anyone who has read my profile will see that another of my interests is knitting,so now the greenhouse is wrapped up for winter and the nights are drawing in the pins come out.So I thought I would share these socks with you that I have knitted for a friends grandson,he chose them himself!! They are knitted from the toe up-you normally knit socks downwards,they are a Turkish design and have a different pattern on the front and back.I have had a lovely note from him saying he loves them and I loved knitting them so we are all happy.What is everyone else doing along with a bit of gardening still of course?

The dog kept coming in with what looked like red paint on his back -which was puzzling all of us as we dont have anything red.Then the other day I was clearing up underneath the Phytolacca americana(pokeweed) when lo and behold I came out covered in what looked like red paint!This is an amazing plant as it has the most lovely pinkish white flowers from May-June time then these amazing berries this time of year.The one concern is it is very poisnous,now Fletch does not tend to go around the garden eating things but we were a bit worried he would start licking it off his coat.As he likes to lie underneath the plants in this part of the garden I have cut all the berries from low down on one side of the plant.I am sure it will thank me next year and end up growing even more.


  1. I'm sure I left you a comment about 10 mins ago!!!
    I said "Just love those socks and I would like to draw "pokeweed". Tell Fletch to be careful from me", or something like that.

  2. thought you would like the socks! have some other pokeweed piccies if you want any!