Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ok,so I have been a bit remiss and been neglecting my blog.Life has been a bit hectic-as has everyones I know but my poor brain can only cope with so much.I was full of good intentions and even took some photos thinking I would share them on my blog and thought hey ok better late than never.
These sweet peas and rose-Golden showers were still flowering in the garden the second week of December!! the rose is still flowering.The sweet peas I had saved the seed I needed but had not got around to cutting the dead down as I like to leave some things in the garden to get frosted as they give nice structure when all else is bare.The poor rose really needs a rest as it has been flowering since May so I will be pruning it now.
The other reason for my blog today is because this week saw my 50th birthday,it comes to us all at some stage.I was inundated with lovely presents which I can wear,use and admire which I thank everyone for.Hubby had asked me what I wanted to do,I had said I really did not mind but it would be nice to either be near the sea or mountains.
Wales had rain forcast so he decided on the sea,we were going in our motorhome and tring to find pitches open which were not too commercialised was very difficult.He finally found a site he liked the name of-its a male thing.
So we head off to Molly Tuckers field in East Prawle which is just opposite Salcombe.On the way down I decided to throw a whole cup of hot tea over my wrist,but other than that we had a really good journey down.We arrived at a  beautiful place with panoramic views of the sea and the whole site to ourselves.
We checked the field out to see which would be the best pitch for sunrise and sunset,whether the ground was hard enough all the normal things.Hubby drove in swung round and tried to put the van where we had decided but to no avail.There was a good enough slope on the field to stop us going back up the field and everytime he tried the tyres just disapeared into the ground.Now we know we are not the lightest at three and a half tonnes-the motorhome -not ourselves!
So we were stuck in the middle of the filed-all was not lost as we had spectacular views and are self-contained.So I put the kettle on and put the table up at the back of the van when I decided to trap my finger in the top of the table and gave myself a lovely blister-the same hand I had burnt earlier.
Nevermind we had a cuppa,let the farmers wife know we were stuck and went for a lovley walk along the top of the coast and down onto the beach.The farmer never did turn up until nearly lunchtime the next day,appologising profusley-he had forgot about us!!!
We had decided we were not leaving until later and would meander back taking in some sites on the way,so we stopped off and had a walk around the estuary at Kinsbride then decided we would head up the A38 towards the M5.Lunch looked promising at some waterfalls just outside Chudleigh,after negotiating the narrow roads and drissle!! we got there to find they were closed enen though they had said open at the bottom of the hill.Ever the optomist we carried on and at the last minute I told Hubby to turn off as I had seen a brown sign saying Haldon Forest.A beautifil place definetley to be used again.A well designed and maintained forest on the edge of Exmoor park with loads of tracks for walkers and bikers.
Back onto the motorway and our last trek home, we had only got as far as Taunton when hubby declares the thermostat had just shot to the top,literally within minutes of him saying it we saw the sign for Tauntom 1/2mile so we quickly got off the motorway.He checked all the usual-fan belt,fuses and then was flunked.So good old greenflag came out,now being so big when four of us our in the motorhome is great but not so great to be towed.So we had to wait a while for a bigger tuck to come and get us,but boy did he drive fast even with 3 1/2 tonnes behind him.
Now I had a wonderful time but am seriously wondering if I should start my next 50years again!!!!!!


  1. Happy belated birthday. I can't believe you still had roses and sweetpeas flowering in December, it just shows what a mild winter we've had. There'll be many plants which just won't get much of a rest this year. I've been admiring the socks on your last post, they're fantastic. I enjoy knitting socks but I've only just finished the first pair I've ever done with a pattern, I can't see me ever moving on to anything quite as wonderful as those.

    1. Jo,Thanks for the birthday wishes.I actually find it easier to do multi coloured socks as I dont get bored so easily.