Wednesday, 18 April 2012

End of Winter

I always think winter is on its way out when I see the first Housemartin and I did just that yesterday.Its actually our neighbours,they have 2 nests right next to each other on a window!!! Ours are on the edge of the house so I am waiting to see there safe return.
When hubby went to work this morning he said you wont be doing much in the garden today-thankgoodness,I had so much to do in the greenhouse.
I actually managed to transplant my Cosmos 'pink dazzler' and 'psyche mixed' along with the Nicotiana 'lime green'.Then as the weather was still not improving I went on to sow my Squash and Courgette(saved seed from last year),
Helichrysum,Silene,Nemesia,Verbena bonariensis,Borlotti and Dwarf beans,Mangetout,Ixia,Allium and Chasmanthe bulbs
I find this time of year pretty much like a production line,as soon as there is a space anywhere it soon gets filled.
The one downside is the taking in and out of the seedlings as I  dare not leave them outside overnight just yet.I still had time to admire these as I walked past the front when walking the dog.The Peony x mascula sub tritanata is set off lovely with the Artemesia ludoviana 'Silver Queen' and the Ajuga reptans 'Catlins Giant'
All in all a good day considering !!!!


  1. So glad to hear you are busy in the garden and greenhouse... I've been busy with my sketchbook!

  2. Hi deb guess who your new member is ?

  3. Hi Just trying to make sure that first try was not a fluke.
    need to know I can repeat. loved your visit

  4. Enjoyed our weekend, thanks for making the long journey'
    Love reading about your garden

  5. thanks Polly,we had a lovely weekend too,Have been busy doing the day job so not had chance to look at blog!!Welcome-even though I knew you were always there in the background x

  6. Hi, Have missed reading about your garden. still not the weather for it,xxxxxxxxx

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