Monday, 16 April 2012


I love this time of year-actually I dont think there s any time of year I dont like!!!!! but I just love going into the greenhouse each day to see which seeds have decided to push there way up and all from that tiny little seed you have planted-or not so tiny in some cases!!!
A very good friend of mine who is also is a keen gardener has a habit of going away and bringing bits of plant or seed back with her,saving some of these treasures for herself and then giving me a little bit of treasure too.
Now last year she went to the Seychelles and came back with her normal treasure-I tried sowing some seed in the autumn-nothing.I then put some of the seed in the propagator to see if any would come up with a bit of heat.I have been away for the weekend-dived into the greenhouse last night,lifted the lid of the propagator and was as pleased as punch-ok lots of seed have come up that I expected but there at the back was a pot labelled Seychelles shrub? -this is because she gets so carried away-dont all gardeners? and doesnt always remember which seeds have come off which planted.So IT will remain a mystery until it grows some more
Another plant I have grown from seeds has is also giving me so much pleasure at the moment-or should I say keeping me in suspense!I got some Albuca nelsonii seed from the Malvern show I think about 3 years ago,they were from Hillview Hardy Plants and have a lovely description
It has fleshy succulent leaves growing to 90cm tall.The ivory tubular flowers with a green rib are produced on a tall spike at 120-150cm tall in June/July.They have a strong almond scent.
Well I put some in the garden some in pots and gave some away.All dies but for 2 I put in a pot-I have taken it into the greenhouse over the last couple of winters,but this year the leaves went really thick.Then over the last couple of weeks these wonderful spikes have appeared-we are not completley there yet but I will keep you posted


  1. Hi, welcome back!
    Looking forward to more posts from you.
    Love Ann and Dawn

  2. Thankyou,lookout for the pepper one it will be coming soon x