Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Begonia Luxurians

Now seeing the title if you don't know begonias you might want to skip this post, but read on and you will probably change your mind,I am not talking bedding begonias
Seeing that the weather has not been in our favour at the moment, I decided to do some more greenhouse jobs.A wonderful plant that was one of the late Christopher Lloyds favourites,he describes it as"a glorious Brazilian palm-leaf begonia,loves humidity and shade.The fingered deep green leafs and huge clusters of creamy flowers curl up in sun and drying wind.When comfortably settled under glass you can practically see this jungle giant grow" Mine is in a shaded part of the garden,we are very free draining so it is in a bed that gets mulched and does get watered when it is really,really hot.
Now Christopher said to root by tip cuttings(stand in water for 48 hrs before putting them into the root mix)what I then did was put them into just perlite!!!I have done this with some other plant cuttings which don't like to be too moist.I put them in a warm propagator and decided now was the right time to give them some nutrients and pot them up.
Now I didn't take these cuttings until the end of September as I was going to be brave and leave the parent plant in the garden.It is in corner which is well protected so I took the cuttings as a back up.I must admit I chickened out by the middle of November and lifted the parent plant to the greenhouse.So now I have

2 lovely cuttings

and a lovely big plant!
It is a really lovely architectural plant and to look at it you really would not think it was a begonia,but now what am I to do with 3 jungle giants?!!!!
An update on how the garden and chickens are doing
as you can see they are making themselves very comfortable in the garden,but could anyone tell me how to teach them how to dig up couch grass and not my bulbs?!!!!


  1. Hello my dear! I know nothing about begonias but that looks pretty strange to me. I do love your chickens though... how sweet of them to dig up your bulbs he he x

  2. pretty strange but also amazing,don't know how much longer the girls will be allowed there freedom as quite a bit trying to shoot and they are causing quite a bit of damage!

  3. I would have never thought that to be a begonia. Very unusual. I hope you find some room in the garden for the babies. Regarding your comment on my blog, I think people featuring a special plant on their blog would be great, though I'm no flower gardener so I don't have anything very special or unusual in my garden. I tend to write about plants as and when, in between posting about my allotment, but as you know, I'm going to feature a new plant I buy each month.

  4. It could be plant or veg,It doesn't have to be unusual just special to them