Tuesday, 22 January 2013

First Sowings

Well this is week 3 and I am managing to keep up with my blog as promised.We made the big decision last weekend to let the chickens have the run of the garden.That being the Royal we,and when I say run the garden is divided up so they now have probably 30 metres down to the house.We do have foxes about and they are normally in a big walk in pen which is about 3m square.So this meant putting wire fencing around where the hedging is and of course clipping wings.Hubby was secretly smiling to himself thinking I would be regretting it in days.So ok they have turfed some bulbs out and eaten whatever was shooting,but in all honesty I have had so much fun watching them(I do have a seat up the garden to sit and watch them when its warmer)I am not letting them out every day only when I am around.
I have had a very productive morning and finally sown my first seeds,I have decided to try a little trial and have sown Cosmos 'double click',Verbascum violetta and Cerinthe major purpurascens,I am going to repeat sow in Feb and March and see which plants last and flower the best.I haven't tried this Cosmos before but find that Cosmos sensation self seeds itself from year to year.Normaly the cerinthe does but hasn't coped so well the last couple of winters
I have also sown Peppers     Sunnybrook,Antohi,Friggitello,Jalapeno,Red cherry,Hungarian Hot wax,Superchilli
Tomatoes   Purple Ukraine(very earl with lovely ruby red skins),Gardeners delight,Moneymaker,Crystal Plum(heritage tom which crops really well and makes lovely sauce),Baby Bliss.I have discovered I had no Legend seed left so must get some as we love these lovely big toms
Aubergine Black Beauty


  1. I had hopes of getting some early sowing underway, but it just hasn't happened yet, mainly because of the cold spell. I'd like to get my onions and peppers started off to give them a longer growing season.

  2. I haven't managed to get my onions or potatoes yet Jo so I am not as ahead as I really would like to be.I have so much seed I want to grow this year I needed to start