Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year,New Start

I have been quite remiss lately and neglected my blog big time,so have decided to make amends and will this year try and visit my blog on a regular basis.
I cant believe how mild it is at the moment and it is showing in the garden as a lot of the bulbs are coming up.That might be ok for the crocus but all the daffodils coming up I am sure will get knocked back as I am sure we have not seen the last of the winter.We also have a rose Golden Showers which has not stopped flowering,I even had some in a vase for Christmas,I am afraid the buds it has on it now are going to get the chop as I am going to give it a prune.
We also have flowering Winter Jasmine and Helleborus x ericsmithii whose buds are just about to open into pink flushed white flowers

It is always the first hellebore to flower in my garden,I think it tends to be over looked which is a real shame as it has a lovely pewter flushed green serrated leaves.
The melianthus has finally been hit by the last frost so we have cut it to the ground.Hubby had put some soil conditioner around the base of them for me when he did the dahlias last month.So today was just cutting them down and putting the cuttings over the crown as added protection.We don't bother to do this in the back garden but the front tends to be a bit more exposed,so this just adds as a bit more protection.
There were 4 bags of soil conditioner left so hubby spread it around the Molina transparent which again had been battered by the wind so were also cut down.I don't do the other grasses yet but these get away with being tidied up now.
That unfortunaetly was all I could manage today as the back could not cope with any more even though I can see plenty more jobs to do.But I got a lovely treat later in the day when a lovely gardening friend bought me Iris reticulata 'Pauline' which from the label has blotched purple and violet flowers,so now I cant wait to find a suitable home for it.


  1. All the bulbs I planted in pots are coming through already, it's just so mild at the moment. They're all going to get a shock if a cold snap comes, which I'm sure it will eventually.

    1. Jo I have some daffodils,Jonquilla mixed which have buds,they are planted in the garden so there is nothing I can do about them!!

  2. It is also too warm here in Italy... will melt all the snow away!
    Welcome back x

  3. Hi welcome back. have missed the garden tips

  4. thanks Polly,will try to keep it going this time x