Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fungi and flowers !!!

The lovely Iris in my last post are still flowering along with the Winter Jasmine and Hellebores,there are quite a few posts with these in so today I thought I would share some other things growing at the moment that shoudn't be flowering now and what we don't want growing!!

 These fungi were growing between my heuchera,we have very sandy free draining soil but with all the wet we have had they have ideal conditions to grow


But how can something look so ugly from the top look so amazing underneath

The amazing patterns from something that is smooth and I am sorry to say it but slimey from the top.
We did have A day of sunshine and fortunately hubby was off, so went to task emptying the compost bins.Now if you have seen previous posts you will know we have chickens,their waste mixed with kitchen waste and garden waste makes brilliant compost.                                                                                                      
Hubby built the raised beds for me 3 years ago now,he built them 2 railway sleeper high as I was having trouble bending over.We have to cover the surface once we clear it as the local cats think it is there for them to leave parcels in,its such a shame that cat muck doesn't have the same effect to our plants as chicken muck!!!!You may just about make out in the right hand picture the green box,hubby came up with the brilliant idea of upending one of the smaller compost bins over the rhubarb to force it.We used a bin last year but struggled to stop the wind blowing it off even with weight on top.We are not forcing the same plant as that is not good for the rhubarb,we have 3 plants and rotate between the 3 giving them a good 2 years to recover.

Another plant that is flowering at the moment,I have to admit in the heated greenhouse is Tibouchina Urvilleana Variegated,I know that sounds a mouth full but it is a lovely plant.It is suppose to flower Jul-Nov,mine was outside in the garden for last summer,yes I know what summer?It also thought where did the summer go as it didn't start flowering until October and is still going now.The trouble is I am suppose to cut it back in the spring,when will this plant think spring is?                                                                                                

It has the most amazing bright magenta -violet flowers,I am afraid this photo doesn't show off how bright this flower is but we wont go into my technical skills again!!!!It also has velvety 3 veined leaves with a thin cream edge to each leaf,the leaf centre is greyed green



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  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog Flowerlady which was much appreciated.
    I find fungii quite fascinating although they do have a habit of appearing in the most inappropriate spots in the garden and at the allotment :)