Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mmmmmmmm Nibblerssss

After showing my peas growing so well and how they had shooted before planting them

No need to guess who had a nice breakfast in my greenhouse!!!!,I have had a greenhouse for 18 years and never knowingly had a mouse in there.It wasn't content on just my sweet-peas it also gorged on my potatoes chitting and my broad beans.So I tried protecting everything but they can get in the smallest of holes.So I am afraid it has been disposed of,I am hoping there are no more and have left it a few days before replanting everything.
It is not all doom though a I had a lovely delivery from Parkers wholesale,it is so much cheaper than the normal Parkers catologue

As I had to go in the greenhouse to replant things I had a productive morning by planting
Canna Madame Angele Martin
Canna Rosemond Cole
Dahlia Tahoma Moonshot
Dahlia City of Alkamaar
Dahlia Ambition
Clethra Ruby spice
Veronica virginicum alba
Cosmos Atrosanguines
Zantedeschia picasso


  1. What a shame about the sweet peas - will you plant more

  2. I have done some more but keeping them in the house at the moment as we have had 3 mice so far !!!!