Monday, 4 February 2013

Technology !!!!!

Now those of you that are good at taking photos and know what they are doing with a computer had better not read this post unless you want a really good laugh.My very good gardening friend Chris is always getting me lovely gifts which just have to go in the garden.Her last present was a lovely Iris called Pauline,neither of us had seen this one so were both waiting see how it faired,mine flowered last week so once it stopped raining long enough I went to get my camera-it wasn't charged,now knowing the British weather I knew the window of opportunity wouldn't last long.Now I have a new phone which apparently has a brilliant camera but I haven't worked out how to transfer from phone to my chrome notebook without taking my sim card out which is under the battery-far too much hassle.So -inspiration,my chrome notebook has a camera I took that to take the photo!!!!!
I cant even turn it round!!! I have tried hovering over a corner all sorts and yes I must have pressed the filter button without knowing as well.What is worse is my son has done photography and IT at A level so just shook his head at me in total disbelief.But I have managed to work out how to save pictures to my google account so now can show you what it really looks like.

 it has a lovely black tip to it with a white blotch which really stands out
Also flowering in my garden at the moment is knautia macedonica,I have never known it to flower this early,so is this to be the plant that will flower for the longest period this year.It is usually my Rosa Golden showers.This knautia is self sown and will grow to about 3ft tall and spread the same,I usually cut it down once to tidy it up and it just keeps going and going.Also flowering is an Iris which more people know Iris George

The crocus in front are Cream beauty so I hope they manage to flower together.So I will keep practising with technology and hope to see you again next week.


  1. I think your photos are fab... even if you can't turn them round! x

  2. I can sympathise, I'm totally rubbish with technology. I've seen Pauline on another blog this week, she really is lovely, her petals look like velvet. I'm growing Cream Beauty this year for the first time, I love their buttery colour, can't wait for them to flower.

  3. Dawn,I think you are just being kind but thank you,
    Jo,lets hope the next cold snap doesn't hold Cream Beauty back as it would really be nice if it could flower at the same time as George-now that would make a good photo!