Tuesday, 16 April 2013


What are the odds of winning prizes from 2 blogs on one day,pretty remote I know, but somehow I managed to do just that last week.I know they say things come in threes but I really didn't want to push my luck and do the lottery as well as I was chuffed as I was.
Firstly I won  a set of The Ten-Minute Gardener's Diary from Jo at thegoodlife who was celebrating her Four year anniversary.I enjoy following Jo's blog as she has a really good wide group of topics she likes to cover. The late Geoff Hamilton (as people who follow me regularly will realise I am a fan), recommended to visit a  Nursery each month and see what is in flower,so Jo is following in his footsteps and of course coming home with a plant or two then telling us all about them.She also has an allotment which she gives us updates on and tests equipment and writes reviews-the last being some lovely solar lanterns.I have many gardening books but don't have these diaries.They are lovely and split into Vegetable,Flower and Fruit Growing.I haven't been able to put them down since getting them and even took one with me to the dentist today.

Next to surprise me was Tanya at Lovely Greens, Tanya was giving away soap or a lip balm to four lucky readers,just by leaving a comment I was one of those lucky four.Tanya does't just give away soaps and lip balms she actually makes them, along with bath melts and fizzes and many other gift sets.She uses natural wholesome ingredients sourced locally where possible.Tanya is a very busy person,she says she is on "A journey of living a simpler and more natural life in the Isle of Man.Gardening,beekeeping,Handmade Bath and Beauty and more"
At first I was going to chose the Rosemary and Tea tree soap as I love both of these,but as I was smiling so much at having just won 2 prizes I chose Sunshine,it came and smiled at me with its lovely citrus smell and orange wrapping.It has citronella and sweet Melissa balm and is said to be soothing and energizing.It smells absolutely divine and I really did try to let it just sit on the side as it just kept smiling back at me.But I had to try it,it produces a lovely lather and cleans the dirtiest of gardening hands,then leaving them nice and smooth afterwards.I hope you pop over to both blogs and check them out and enjoy them as much as I do


  1. Glad you're enjoying the books. I've got a set myself which I enjoy reading, they're good books to dip in and out of. You were lucky winning two giveaways on the same day. I also won one of Tanya's soaps, I chose Lemony May Chang and it's really lovely.

  2. Know what you mean Jo,they have lovely short sections in and some lovely hints and tips,a very big thank you.Glad you won some soap as well.

  3. well done you! What lovely prizes too!

  4. Congratulations! Great prizes.
    I still miss Geoff Hamilton, I always felt 'enthused' after watching him, none of the present TV gardeners have the same appeal apart from perhaps Carol Klein. I've just discovered I can watch Beechgrove Garden which I'm quite enjoying.
    Carol xx

  5. I am the same,I keep trying to watch Gardeners world but dip in and out as I just don't like the presenters