Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ironing in the garden !!!!

Working late shifts can have its advantages and disadvantages.The disadvantage being that you try to do a million and one jobs before you go to work, now I don't detest ironing but I must admit it is not one of my favourite jobs. So when sat in the garden eating my breakfast and going over the million and one jobs I need to do over the next two days and going to work on late shifts, I decided I would do the ironing outside rather than be stuck inside.
I would have much rather been getting some more of the plants in that need to go in, but I live in a house with two teenage sons and a hubby who wouldn't appreciate it too much if I just lived in the garden!!!!
So this is the view I ended up with

 The back faces north/west so I was stood in the shade for most of the time, there wasn't loads to do which was a shame really as I really enjoyed being part of nature. I have said before about a robin who visits us and he came to have a natter with me. The adult blackbirds carried on feeding their chicks, oblivious to me and my iron steaming away. I must admit to getting distracted by also making bread and spaghetti bolognese,cooking beetroot and new poatoes. So was still doing the typical more than one job at the same time, but do you know what, I really didn't mind. This is the view as you carry on up the garden

The old buildings to the right of this next picture are the old privvy, we have spilt it into two and one side is the coal store and the other the log store nearer the house. We have the main log store at the top of the garden but it is a long way down in the middle of winter. The lovely lounger you can see to the side of the privvy my son made for me to try to get me to rest in the garden and enjoy it.

This is where we like to sit for breakfast as it gets the sun first thing in the morning, it is also nice to sit here later in the day if you want some shade as the back of the house gets very hot (when the sun does shine !)
This is looking through the foxgloves from the decking area where the chickens are and fruit trees, we have 6 fruit trees in all a mix of apples and pears

There is a gate in the arch way but I leave it open to remind me I have the water on the tomatoes, I use a drip irrigation from the water butt, I will close the gate before going to work as we have foxes and then will also turn the water off.

This is standing at the gate and what I call the working area !!!!

This is standing past the shed in the last picture and next to the main log store, they are strawberries to the right, beans and peas to the left along with all the salad crops,squashes, onions,shallots,artichokes. We have stopped picking the asparagus now which is in the end of the bed to the left. The same with the rhubarb you can see in the right hand bed, there are raspberry canes past the rhubarb.
In the soil at the end of the raised beds there are potatoes to the left and blackcurrant ad gooseberries to the right.

These are the tomatoes in the one greenhouse enjoying there drip irrigation. There are 18 plants in all and most have tomatoes on. the other greenhouse has cucumbers, melons,peppers,chillies,aubergines and seedlings for later sowings.

I also had time to collect all of my tea for tonight from the garden

Salad leaves,courgette,spring onions,beetroot,carrot,broad beans and egg, along with some lovely strawberries

                  I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my back garden

Friday, 21 June 2013

On the Longest Day the Winners are!!!

The names have been pulled out from the tin and my new chickens finally have names.Jo came out first with Jasmine-The Light -Sussex, so she gets the book,Jo has a lovely blog which I like to follow.,I promise it was no fix, my son actually pulled the names out. I say this as I actually won three lovely books from Jo's blog which I actually love,The Ten-Minute Gardener's Diary. They are great as you can dip in and out as you wish and they give monthly practical advice on Fruit, Flower and Vegetable growing.
Next out was Jonquil - The Bluebell who Diana over at, I am sorry Diana I won't be able to post jam out to you- I dread to think what state it would be in when it got there. I have only recently started to follow Dina's blog, she is based in South Africa and gives a wonderful insight into the animals and life out there and is definately worth a look at.
Lastly is someone who I have been following for a while now and is another person who takes wonderful photos and always makes me feel very inadequate with a camera, Jacaranda -The Black Rock thanks to Sue Garret at is retired and manages to keep more than one blog on the go at a time. she takes lovely photos of not only the birds visiting her garden but lots of flowers.
So if  Sue can send me her address's( Jo I have yours) I can send your prizes off next week.
Some of the lovely things the sun has bought out.
Echium Russicum with Allium 'Christophii' and Eryngium 'Silver Ghost' just in the corner
This is a new Salvia 'Wend's Wish' I bought when I went out with my lovely hubby on his birthday. We just happened to pass a nursery we had not been to before and it would have been very rude not to pop in.It is not out properly yet but will be a lovely red between the yellow canna and blue Nepeta.

For hubby's birthday we went for a 8 mile walk on the Bromyard Downs, it was a lovely sunny day, we say and had a picnic lunch with the birds and thenon our way back down to the pub we spotted these

I was so excited as I had never seen Orchids in the wild, I hope you all make the most of the longest day of the year, I am off to the local Lido to hopefully swim in the rain !!!

Monday, 10 June 2013


 I have had three new chickens and would like help in naming them. As I got them in June I would like their names to start with a J and then for them to be a flower !!!!

As we have chickens already they spent the last week with a divider in the run, we have one boss chicken who can be quite aggressive. The Light Sussex soon made herself the boss of the new trio and I thought she would put up a fight when they were all put in together.Yesterday was D-day and I armed myself with a water sprayer, there was a little bickering as they do have a pecking order. But by the afternoon they were that well behaved I let them all come out and have a run round the grass. I just tempt them back in with some tit bits and use a plastic lawn rake which for some reason they really don't seem to like. Anyway the lovely prize is

This is a lovely book about Claude Monet and how the gardens of Giverny inspired his paintings. A lot of people visit Giverny and this gives a lovely insight into the man who painted so brilliantly.

I am sure I am like everyone else at the moment and trying to get the mountain of things out of the greenhouses and hard standings into the garden. As gardeners we are never happy as some days have been just too hot to plant. But at last we are eating from the garden. In my diary from 2011 it says we were eating our first potatoes and courgettes- laughable, this year we are eating

Various salad leaves, spring onions, mange-tout, chives and radish. This radish is viola which was a Gardening Which trial many years ago. I just make sure I let some go to flower each year, hang it upside down to dry and collect the seed.

 Rhubarb and Raspberry Jam, Which is disappearing very quickly, I only made it last week and one of the big jars has gone already. I only made a small batch to check everyone liked it !!!! I usually make Rhubarb and Ginger and thought I would try something different for a change. I used the last of the raspberries out of the freezer which was not enough to make a batch of raspberry jam on its own.It is a lovely colour and has a really nice tang to its as we don't like really sweet jams it is going down a treat.

I realise I have asked for three names for my chickens and have only put one book, the other two prizes are home made jam so just let me know what you would like.(sorry UK only) I will put all the names in a hat and pull them out on 21st June the longest day of the year.