Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Busy Bees

I have been very remiss and not been on my blog for a whole month!!!! there goes my wanting a post every week that I said at the beginning of the year. But just like these Bumble bees in my lawn, I have been a very busy bee

I put a coin so that you could see the size of them, this is only half the bee, they fly much too fast for me to get a decent picture.

We had the garden open at Fladbury Walkabout 2 weeks ago, hence being very busy, unfortunately we had three of a garden sheds broken into the week before the walkabout £2500 later it was a bit of a mixed week. I did a plant swap for the first time this year, it hadn't been advertised very well but a lot of people were interested and said they would come back next year with a plant.It was all good feedback from the thousands of visitors who braved the very hot weather. There were 19 gardens open this year, a few less than usual but still plenty of other attractions, river trips, market stalls, fun run ,music, pig roasts. Then to finish it of on the Monday night a local florist came and gave us a talk in the church, the theme in the church this year was food

                              We had a wonderful wedding cake

                                          More Tea Vicar

                    In the children's corner they had made a giant sandwhich

                  Sugar and spice and all things nice

There were many many more but to catch up in the garden, the ironing view a month on

The Buddleia nano is out and the phlox, the day lilies in the foreground are just finishing but  Sahin's early flowerer is in the far end of the photo and will go on flowering until November.

The early potatoes are all lifted along with the garlic and the onions, the shallots are having just a bit longer. The raspberries haven't been as big this year but have been all made into Raspberry and Rhubarb jam. The strawberries have been good and have been made into Strawberry and Rhubarb jam. The blackcurrants and gooseberries have been brilliant. We have been continuing to eat all things salad along with Gardeners Delight Tomatoes, the french beans, manetout have also been good. All the brassicas and cabbages are now planted out along with the leeks. The squashes have all gone mad really enjoying this hot weather as are the peppers, chillies and cucmbers.
The lillies have been brilliant and one of my favourites, lilium napelense



  1. :) xxx
    I just love bumbly beeees

  2. we have a couple of nests this year, the other one is by the front door!! xx