Friday, 13 September 2013


We have been away for the last three weeks,just hubby and myself and our motorhome. No teenagers and no dog. We have been away on our own for a long weekend before but not for this long.Now I love my boys to bits but I am afraid I have to say it was bliss. We went on the overnight ferry to St Malo and then headed off to the west coast of France.We stopped over to see a couple of friends we have along the way then headed across the Pyrenees to the Med.We ended up so close to Spain we could sit on an evevning looking at the Spanish coast line. We snorkelled in the clearest seas and wild camped on beaches. Meaning we were the first in the sea in the morning , this had the added bonus none of the fish had been disturbed so the shoals were massive. There were big ones, tiny ones, purple ones and silvery gold ones. They were so close to you you could touch them.I even saw my first squid- alive that is. We didn't have a waterproof camera otherwise we would have bought loads of photos back to bore everyone with.We then headed up through the middle of France zigzagging our way back up.Visiting  Carcossone and Rocamadour and obviously a few Vineyards along the way.
 Other than the lovely time I had just having hubby to myself I shall remember the fish,the sun and Oradour-Sur-Glane.We visited this village on the way back up France.During World War 11, a Regiment of German soldiers burnt this village and over 600 occupants, including women and children.There were only 6 survivors, the village has been left as a reminder to the rest of us what mankind can be capable of. I was unable to take photographs as it just felt so disrespectful. We have done War graves before, but this is something entirely different and will always remain with me. 
On returning home Autumn is coming but there is still lots of summer colour.


The boys did cut the grass,water my greenhouses and collected plenty of veg. So now I am trying to cook as much as I can and have spent the morning baking chocolate courgette cakes which I have put the recipe in a previous post and Courgette Crumble!!!! A sweet dish not savoury, for some more courgette recipes take a look at


  1. We have visited Oradour sur Glane and it has its own special atmosphere, Eerily the birds were silent. Through the silence came the sound of German voices of some visitors and then the sound of a light aircraft flying over.

    We stayed in a gite nearby and the gite owner told us that the German troops took revenge on Oradour when retreating. He said the resistance movement was based in another nearby Oradour (not Sur Glane) but that this would have been a more difficult target as it was more populated nearby and would have meant more of a fight!

  2. I think it was the silence that got me, the French and German Presidents were visiting the next day so there were lots of film crews and Police about but even with them around it was very quiet.