Friday, 14 February 2014

Back Again with a New Project on the Horizon

Yet again  didn't manage to fill a whole year blogging!!! my excuse is that in September I went back to University and went up to three days a week at work. The reason for this madness was that I started a diploma in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture, which I was told was one day a week , I wasn't the only one to get a shock. The study sessions have fallen every third week for four days, so I have been very busy travelling to Coventry and Pershore with plenty of assignments and presentations in between( Also using up  all of my annual leave) .Our next two sessions are in Reading at Thrive, so apart from still looking for somewhere to site the motor home I am really looking forward to that.
The group are amazing and diverse, we have learnt so much from each other , we have people from Denmark, Norway, Ireland and from the top of Scotland all the way down to Devon and from east and west of the British Isles.
 In amongst all of that I have been trying to start a gardening club at the Hospice and trying to get a Keder greenhouse purchased (not quite there yet) so after putting in proposals and letters which have to go through I don't know how many different groups, before they can go out, I am very slowly getting there.The idea is that it will be a space not just for the children but for siblings, grandparents,bereavement support groups and really everyone including staff, where they can relax and reflect.
So I am hoping that that is enough of an excuse and that bloggers out there will follow me again on what is going to be a very busy but rewarding journey.

This is our lovely wall art for bonfire night that we did using leaf bunting and sticks from out of the garden.

We are hoping that this fence will come down and the path extended to become the entrance to our new  greenhouse. It will make such a difference as we have a very limited space to where we can do gardening activities inside. The sides to the greenhouse come down to aid ventilation but it will also allow the people inside to see wildlife close up.

We are busy painting pebbles for planting labels so I will put some photos of them next post and let you know where we are up to. 


  1. Good Luck with the greenhouse plans and the course.

  2. It sounds like you've been very busy. The greenhouse project sounds wonderful, I look forward to following progress.

  3. Thanks,I will keep you updated,at the moment it looks like it wont be until later in the year.But you never know, we have everything crossed.